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Drug Test Time Span And Passing It in Short Time


Different drug tests are undertaken for drug detection in anatomic systems of the candidates. However the effects will largely depend on the time span covered for such drug detection. Knowing about different drug test time spans would be good for the prospective candidate.

 Different types of drug tests are carried out by the employers with the help of labs on the candidates. This includes oral drug tests, hair follicle drug tests, blood drug tests, and others. Each of the drug tests is suitably for a particular time span. For instance; the oral drug test will be effective for the next 24 hours to 72 hours time span. On the other hand hair follicle drug tests could help drug detection for much longer periods of 90-120 days or even a year from the date of drug consumption. Thus when the question to be answered is how to pass a drug test in a week; finding the answer needs that the candidate knows the drug detection period of the drug test to be carried out.


Various Ways to Pass a Drug Test

There are various ways to pass a drug test and this includes the following.

  • Discontinuance of drug use that works only when there is time enough before one faces the drug test. For instance; if there are more than 3-4 days to face an oral drug test, the process could work well.
  • Using unverified home remedies is never the best way but is used by some for passing the drug test. Such remedies usually help in reducing drug effects but will not completely remove the traces.
  • Best way to beat a narcotic exam is using tested products for detoxifying the anatomic system offered by reliable and reputable company. Examples are the Supreme Klean 7-day total detox or the Supreme Klean Ultra Detox Cleanser etc. These products will not only remove the drug traces but if the time is short, they will effectively mask the drug traces as well.

 The Ultimate Combination

Bottom line of all these is that unverified home remedies may not work well with the human anatomy and at times they may not even remove small traces of drugs and alcohols existent in the body. On the other hand the answer to the question how to beat a narcotic exam in a week is that it is the ultimate combination of healthy lifestyle and food along with high quality detoxifying products that can help remove the drug traces from the body and thus it will become possible passing the test in such short time without much problem.


To pass a drug test conveniently, the prospective candidate has to be prepared. This will be possible with the knowledge how long does it take to pass a drug test because their prospects of passing drug tests will depend largely on the time span of drug detection in each type of drug tests. This knowledge will help them take an informed decision about preparing for the ensuing drug test and that is why he or she should resort to some qualitative and informative website that will offer the best and most updated information on the topic.  Visit

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